Angels of Medical Care


ــــــــ Our Main Service ــــــــ

Doctor on call

We have an available team of DHA certified doctors ready around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as we believe that doctor on call service availability is important for everyone who might have a medical emergency or need a doctor for his child, elder ones or for medical tests and wellness.

Our doctor on call service is affordable, fast, reliable, private and professional.

No need to wait for medical centers opening hours, no driving, no waiting in ques and searching for ‘doctor near me’ while we are near you in everywhere in Dubai. Just stay relaxed and we will come to your home, hotel or office and provide any needed medical assistance. Call us on 80068773 and we are committed to make your life easier and will be at your location within 30-60 minutes.

ــــــــ More of Our Services ــــــــ

Physiotherapy Home Visits

Our experienced and certified physiotherapists can conduct sessions at your home, hotel, or workplace to provide care and treat various conditions and injuries such as Pre and Post-operative Physiotherapy, Myalgia, Sciatica, Joint and ligaments injuries, Tennis and Golf Elbows and any needed physiotherapy for rehabilitation

Laboratory Tests

Our laboratory tests are known for results accuracy and being timely manner, performed by our medical experts who are using the finest laboratory technologies. Samples to be collected in the comfort of your home. All laboratory essential tests are available such as blood test, Food Intolerance and Allergy tests, and more.

Patient & Family Adaptation & Education

Our programs to support patients and families in availing medical information and developing self-care management skills can make patients and families lives much easier. Our expert team is ready to provide the needful medical self-care education and support you.

Elderly Care

Our licensed doctors and nurses care for you and your beloved ones in your home with compassion, making you feel comfortable and safe. We offer short and long-term services and programs including post-surgical care and daycare of the elderly and unwell children.

Medicine Administration

Although it seems like simple and straightforward procedure, it is important not leave medicine intake without professional supervision as it could lead to major health problems when done wrongfully. Our expert team of doctors and nurses will manage and administer the medicine intake and doses under their supervision and based on solid knowledge and medical experience in medicine management. Ideal for elder ones and children.

Preventive Healthcare

As we know well-enough that Preventive Healthcare is important to avoid any medical futuristic or undiagnosed illness, we provide all kinds of check-ups, patient counseling, and medical screening services in an aim to keep everyone healthy and carefree while our team is on call ready to do the needful preventive healthcare.

Injection Services

Getting injection is one of the most basics of medical procedures, yet it requires proper attention and well experienced and trained nurses. We are providing injection services at the comfort of your home with the assistance of trained and experienced nurses.

Nutrition Management

Our expert team of nutritionists will help you in planning and managing your diet and healthy lifestyle and determine what your body needs. Conducting the right medical analysis for your body and the needed elements to maintain a proper healthy routine, and creating the ideal nutrition programs to maintain a balanced and organized life.

PCR Swab Test

COVID-19 PCR swab test at home, office, or hotel and  performed by our DHA certified nurses. Our service is fast, accurate and reliable. Results delivered within 12 hours at maximum. Accepted for international & domestic travel.

Wound Care

At our advanced Wound Care home service, we are committed to treating chronic wounds through a multidisciplinary approach, with specialists from all aspects of wound care in in the comfort of your home, where you can conveniently receive the best therapy options for wound healing.

IV Therapy Protocols

We provide wellness IV therapy varieties to fit all your needs with a free doctor consultation and vitamin analysis. Service will be in the comfort of your home, office, hotel or anywhere! IV protocols include and limited to:


Slimming solutions at home

We provide a wide range of convenient and non-surgical slimming treatments and packages in the comfort of your home which includes:

• Whole body slimming treatment

• Flat tummy treatment (Belly fats cavitation and dissolving)

• Cellulite cavitation and dissolving

• Double chin treatment

• RF Face anti-aging treatment