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Our Services

Doctor on call

General physicians at the doctor on call are experts with vast experience and in-depth knowledge of giving prompt and professional medical services.
Our experts are well qualified to diagnose and treat any urgent issues, diseases, and/or injuries in the convenience of your own home, hotel room, or office.

Doctor on call provides services. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including public and private sector holidays, to any location (home, hotel room, working place). We are the finest supplier of doctor-on-call services in Dubai UAE.

Get better with Angels of medical care, the most trusted doctor on call service in Dubai.

All of our medical personnel are registered with the Dubai health authority (DHA).

Angels of Medical Care

Physician Visits

Because home is where the heart is, there is no better location to obtain the best home health care services than at home. AOMC cares for you and your entire family with one goal in mind: to treat you like family. Patients may be seen at any time and save an hour each appointment on average by eliminating travel and waiting time. Doctor consultation, wellness checkups, and pharmaceutical delivery to your house are all available.

Angels of Medical Care

Laboratory Investigations

Quality, innovation, and reliance on cutting-edge technology, Newest clinical diagnosis and sampling procedures under the supervision of our highly experienced professionals

Angels of Medical Care

Patient & Family Adaptation & Education

It is our responsibility as health professionals to support patients and families in acquiring information and developing self-care management skills so that they can live the best lives possible.

Angels of Medical Care

Comprehensive Adult Services

Comprehensive Adult Services is a planned program in a professional care setting designed for older adults who require supervised care during the day

Angels of Medical Care

Medicine Administration

The administration of a medicine is a common but important procedure, It is the manner in which a medicine is administered that will determine to some extent whether or not the patient gains any clinical benefit, and whether they suffer any adverse effect from their medicines.

Angels of Medical Care

Preventive Healthcare

Check-ups, patient counseling, and screening are among the services provided to assist avoid illness, disease, and other hidden health issues. One of the advantages of preventative health care is the goal of keeping healthy individuals healthy.

Angels of Medical Care

Injection Services

Injections must be administered with caution by skilled personnel. Our skilled nurses can come to your house and provide the injections suggested by your doctor.

Angels of Medical Care

Nutrition Management

Planning ahead of time to maintain a healthy nutritional status and avoid both undernutrition and obesity is critical from the time of diagnosis and throughout life.

Angels of Medical Care

PCR Swab Test

COVID-19 PCR Test at Home Licensed by DHA. Results delivered within 24hrs. Accepted for international & domestic travel.

Angels of Medical Care

Wound Care

By Your Side to Heal all Your Wounds, Today we work with multidisciplinary teams with best practices in wound management and give you cutting-edge approaches in injury management and personalized wound treatment in the comfort of your home.