Private Home Nursing

Our highly-skilled nurses deliver standard private home nursing service that is compassionate, friendly, and respectful.

Home Physiotherapy

We provide experienced travel nurses to accompany patients and the elderly during their travel plans.

Baby Care

Here at AOMC we have individual child specialist doctor's lists to give best treatment to your baby at your home in Dubai.

Cancer Patient Care

Our nurses are capable of managing cancer patients. We accompany our patients to all of their chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and assist in the smooth implementation of the custom care program for them, to and from the treatment facility.

Doctor Consultations

We have the ability to contact multi-specialty physicians to provide consultations or checkups in the convenience and privacy of the patient’s home.

Note: Please advise if Doctor Consultations should be removed as per discussions around this service not being provided

School Nurses

There are times with resident school nurses take a leave for a vacation, or due to illness, or to tend to personal needs. AOMC can provide substitute school nurses to fill their position in their absence.

Emergency Services

All of our healthcare specialists are highly trained and certified to assess and manage the care of any patient in case of emergencies. They can be trusted to stabilize the patient’s condition until the arrival of the emergency medical response team.

Travel Nurse

We have licensed nurses to accompany and care for patients on their travels.

Daman & Thiqa Clients

One of our main healthcare insurance coverage providers in the region is DAMAN and THIQA Network and AOMC can cater to patients with DAMAN and THIQA Coverage.

Pain Management

We have a licensed staff to assess and manage patients suffering from acute or chronic Pain. We work closely with the patients’ primary care physician to effectively manage the condition.

Elderly Nursing Care

We cater to all elderly and geriatric patients with or without medical needs and/or disabilities. Our elderly care in Dubai is highly rated.

Diabetes Care

Our nurses are highly experienced and trained to manage patients with Type I or Type II diabetes, including insulin and non-insulin dependencies.

Maternity & Prenatal Care

We have licensed nurses and midwives that can provide regular maternity checkups and prenatal care. This specific service is designed to prevent and/or treat potential problems that may occur throughout the course of a pregnancy. It focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle for moms-to-be and their unborn child.

Home Care Equipment

We hold a contract with multiple companies in order to provide a full range of services to our patients, including healthcare equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, beds, and scooters.

Contact Us

To get any service simply call us on 800-NURSE (68773) or simply fill the Book An Appointment or Contact Us form.

Company Nurses

As a business owner, should you ever find the need for nursing care within your facility or site, we have male and female nurses for the job - be for a full-time or part-time arrangement.