Delivering Health & Wellness in the Hospitality Industry (How Hotels can boost their revenue)

Discover & Recover Tailored Health & Wellness Holidays

Providing elevated health and wellness in the Hospitality industry

Hotels that meet the demands of the new wellness-focused visitor will be best positioned to draw reservations in return to travel following COVID-19 health concerns. Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has caused global upheaval, notably in the hotel sector. However, with change comes opportunity and the ability to rethink how we may emerge more robust and resilient from the crisis.

With people worldwide becoming more concerned with their health and well-being, delivering a profoundly soothing and wellness-focused hotel experience will be more valuable now than ever.

A Huge Opportunity for Hoteliers

Hotel facilities might cost up to 130% more for health-conscious visitors than other guests. Furthermore, from 2015 to 2017, the industry increased at a pace of 6.5% per year, which was more than double the rate of overall tourist growth. According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), foreign wellness tourists spent an average of $1,528 per trip in 2017, which is 53% higher than the national average. Domestic US wellness tourists spend $609 on each trip, which is significantly more than the average domestic visitor.

The GWI describes two categories of wellness travelers: the “primary” variety, who choose their trip or destination solely for reasons of well-being, and the “secondary” kind, who partake in wellness activities on any trip, whether it be for pleasure or business.

Although there is a misperception that wellness travelers are a select, affluent group that travel to destination spas or meditation retreats, 89% of wellness trips and 86% of expenditures are made by the more widespread secondary variety. The hotel industry has a huge chance to create memorable, one-of-a-kind, customized journeys that reflect these shifting values.

Health & Wellness Expands to Hotel Rooms

In the past, on-site amenities like group retreats, exercise centers, spas, and beauty salons have been where wellness programs’ income has traditionally come from. However, during the economic recovery, a health and wellness program could choose to concentrate on delivering the wellness experience to each guest room.


Most hotels already have some features or amenities to promote wellness travel. For example, if you have a gym, you can easily set up some classes focusing on a specific aspect of well-being. Consider meditation, yoga, or pilates.

Traditionally, this was all that wellness travel entailed, but now people take a healthy break for various reasons. Consider:

·        Smoking cessation retreats

·        Health retreats for men and women

·        Vacations for detoxification

·        Zen and adrenaline excursions

·        Family wellness vacations

·        Wellness retreats in the workplace

·        Environmentally friendly travel

·        Programs for Post-Illness Recovery

·        Weight loss and slimming programs

·        Beauty & Aesthetics Vacations

Most of these trips can be easily integrated into your hotel’s makeup; We Angels of Medical Care & our wellness partner Clubtogether Hospitality will assist you in adding all these services at NO COST. We will provide all the labor and assist you in developing unique packages that could effectively incorporate wellness travel into your property and attract more guests.

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