All of our nurses are highly qualified to provide home healthcare services in the comfort and convenience of your own home. They are compassionate and you can trust that your loved one who’s in need of assistance and care is always treated with patience and respect.

To ensure high standards of service at all times, our nursing manager is always ready to supervise the implementation of every patient’s care plan, in coordination with the patient’s doctors.

Live-In Home Care Nursing Service in Dubai:

With this arrangement, a professional nurse will stay at the patient’s home on a full-time basis, establishing consistency in health practices and other crucial aspect of daily living. A live-in nurse is the most economical solution where continuous home nursing service is required.

Our on call service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Healthcare Services:

  • - Free initial evaluation
  • - Nursing Home Care (Individualized care plan to meet with your personal specific needs)
  • - Rehabilitation Therapy (Physical therapy)
  • - Elderly Nursing Care
    1. General Assisted Living
    2. Personal Hygiene
    3. Companionship
    4. Medicines Management
    5. Diet plans
    6. Safety Precaution Evaluation
    7. Appointment Attendance
    8. Entertainment and Outing


  • - Palliative Care (Compassionate and high skilled nursing care for the very ill patients)
  • - Cancer Patient Care
  • - Cardiovascular, Stroke Patient Care (Personal care, hygiene, exercises, diet management)
  • - Diabetes Care and Management
  • - Pain Management
  • - Maternity, Newborn and Premature Care
  • - Child Care
  • - Special Needs Care
  • - Skilled Nursing Care
    1. Wound Care
    2. IV Therapy – Medication Administration
    3. Foley Catheter Care and Management
    4. Stoma Care
    5. Tube Feedings


  • - Residential Safety Evaluations
  • - Infection Prevention Mobility and Nutritional Evaluation
  • - Guiding and educating your personal primary nurse
    1. Home Education
    2. Providing Care Plans that can be implemented by your care assistant

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