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“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.” Tie Walker

Dealing with elderly people can be challenging sometimes as they don’t like to accept the idea of taking care of them because they see it as a sign of weakness! You should always be careful when you want to offer your help so they don’t feel heartbroken. For that, you need to know what you should do for an elderly person in case you have one in your family. I mentioned a few tips that might help in taking care of our beloved ones.

  • Quality time

Usually, elderly people favor talking over listening. They also like to reminisce about their past memories to others. Try initiating a conversation by asking about their life and previous years. Also, give them the opportunity to reflect on their current thoughts about life, politics, sports, e.t.c. Majority of the current generations tend to assume that the elder generations have a lower understanding capacity and might take their feelings for granted. Elder people are much wiser and if you listen to what they have to say, big chance you’ll learn a thing or two for future references.

  • Gifts

Elderly are exactly like kids, they love receiving gifts no matter how simple they are. Specify a day for a family gathering and get simple gifts for the elderly; they will be so happy!

  • Regular check-ups

Old people should always visit their doctor for a regular check-up, most of them have got diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases or any other health condition that requires observation.

  • Exercises

Encouraging your grandfather/old parent to have a walk in the park everyday will be a good idea as their adrenaline level will be increased and they will be happy! Also, it will improve their circulation and overall body fitness.
Yoga and Tai-Chi classes are very helpful for elderly people as they got some programmes that focus on fixing their posture, strengthening their muscles and weight bearing exercises to slow the progress of osteoporosis.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi

  • Holding an ID

Each elderly person should carry an ID with him mentioning (his name, age, his care giver number, diseases & conditions that he has, and the medications he’s taking) because they often forget these details.

  • Memorizing his name

Some elderlies have dementia and they keep forgetting their personal information, so it’s good to keep repeating their names in front them and make them repeat it afterwards.

  • Medications schedule

Some elderly forget their medications timings & this makes them in risk, especially if it was a diabetes/heart disease medication. It’s better to write the medications schedule on a small paper that they can always keep with them. Also, there is a variety of pill reminders that they can easily carry.

  • Household modifications

There are certain home environment modifications that should be done for the elderly.

  1. Railings (hand rails on the stairs, toilet)
  2. Improved lighting
  3. Colorful walls especially in their room
  4. Altered chair height
  5. Stable chairs with arms only and no wheels
  6. Assistive devices availability
  7. External support
  8. Securing the corners
  9. Putting a skid proof tiling on the floor
  10. Remove any obstacles from the floor.
  11. Use of dressing and eating aids.
    • Bathroom modifications:
      1. High toilet seats (three to six inches)
      2. Non-slippery grab bars
      3. Extended shower handle
    • Kitchen modifications:
      1. Lower work surfaces
      2. Store the heavy things in the lower shelves
      3. Hang items vertically to be easily reached
      4. Use cookie sheet for carrying items
    • Using dressing and feeding aids
Pulling-socks aid
Pulling-socks aid
Long shoe horn
Coiled no tie shoe laces
Fixed plate
Big spoon handle

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